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Point Danger, Victoria.

2018-01-12 19.51.36 Danger Point

Point Danger is on a promontory just south of Portland, Victoria.

2018-01-12 19.58.36 Danger Point

Just off the coast is an island that hosts a gannet rookery. It’s not accessible to the public, but you can go down to the coastline and watch them flying just beyond the fence.

2018-01-12 20.02.18 Danger Point

The shore itself is fenced off so that the birds remain undisturbed by visitors. There are better places from which to take photos of the birds and the island, but I wasn’t able to access them on this visit because of mobility issues: I’m on crutches!

2018-01-12 20.22.33

You can also turn off the road to the rookery to visit Crumpets Beach. This is a beautiful spot that lies almost at the end of a fairly rugged track that you would only attempt in a 4-wheel-drive or on foot.

2018-01-12 20.12.50 Crumpets Beach

Once the track has negotiated some tight bends and bumpy stretches, all the while going fairly steeply downhill, it levels out to run along the beach toward the headland.

2018-01-12 20.17.11 Crumpets Beach

This magnificent scenery  all lies within fifteen minutes’ drive of Portland, on the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia, which is actually one of the oldest cities in the state. It has some lovely old buildings, a very active deep-harbour international sea port, and is very popular with fishermen and holidaymakers.




After The Storm

Living on the south-western coast of Victoria means we get some pretty rugged weather off the Southern Ocean.
But when the storm passes and the sunlight hits the sea, the peacefulness really is beautiful.

Late afternoon sunshine  begins to break through the clouds at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool.


Late afternoon sunshine on calmer waters at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool. 


Sunshine through the clouds reflecting on the Hopkins River near its mouth at Warrnambool. 

Otway Fly

I love places that challenge the popular stereotypes that many people hold about Australia – the beach, the desert, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and Uluru.

Weeaproinah is one of the wettest places in the state of Victoria. Although it’s very close to the coast, this locality at the end of the Otway Ranges boasts magnificent mountain ash rainforest that contrasts lush green foliage with tall, straight tree trunks. Birds and wildlife abound.

The Otway Fly is a treetop walk and/or zipline adventure through the forest, taking advantage of different levels and heights, and allowing visitors to experience different aspects of the Australian bush.




Sunset at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool

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Notice the tiny rainbow on the horizon?



2015-07-18 17.38.53 Thunder Point Warrnambool Blog



2015-07-18 17.41.29 Thunder Point Warrnambool  Blog



2015-07-18 17.44.25


Campsite visitor, Narrawong, Victoria

2013-01-14 14.14.23

2013-01-14 14.14.09

Click here for a YouTube video of this koala.