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After The Storm

Living on the south-western coast of Victoria means we get some pretty rugged weather off the Southern Ocean.
But when the storm passes and the sunlight hits the sea, the peacefulness really is beautiful.

Late afternoon sunshine  begins to break through the clouds at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool.


Late afternoon sunshine on calmer waters at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool. 


Sunshine through the clouds reflecting on the Hopkins River near its mouth at Warrnambool. 

Hopkins River, Warrnambool.

This is one of my favourite spots on the river for thinking, writing, or enjoying a cup of coffee before work.
I took these photos on a sunny morning in June.

A good morning for reflection!
The cutest little boat!
Pelicans often enjoy the protection of this quiet stretch of the river.

Sunset at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool

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2015-11-17 20.28.09 Blog




2015-11-17 20.28.14 Blog



In the early Autumn, the Hopkins River meanders lazily through the beautiful farmlands of western Victoria, gurgling and spilling gently over these rocks and falls near Cudgee, just north of Warrnambool. The water level is so low that some parts of the stream are cut off, forming rock pools in the river bed above the falls. Cows graze along the banks and drink from the cool, fresh stream.
When the river is high and fast, the falls are turbulent and powerful, and the stream below is far too deep and unsafe for cows to graze so close to its banks.

2015-04-12 15.21.27

2015-04-12 15.23.35

2015-04-12 15.23.48

2015-04-12 15.23.05

2015-04-12 15.20.44


Logan’s Beach, Warrnambool.

2014-09-13 11.57.18

2014-09-13 11.57.07


Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool.

2014-09-14 13.34.25
The Lake Pertobe recreational area, Lady Bay and the Breakwater.

2014-09-14 13.32.47
Lake Pertobe and Merrivale.
Both photos taken from Cannon Hill.


Hopkins River, Warrnambool.

2014-09-13 12.26.44

2014-09-13 12.40.07

2014-09-13 12.29.05